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Apps work well but still needs improvements

Update: Updates on the desktop app have been slow and there isn’t anyway to control your own data. How do we print or export…projects, notes, todo items? This app is functional and looks great across multiple devices. This product used to be Planner Plus and it crashed often but I guess Planner Pro is now the new version and is subscription based. I’ve not lost data as it hasn’t crashed and functions very well for the most part…occasionally the events or tasks freeze and hang in weird spaces but closing and reopening fixes. The app features could certainly be enhanced. For example it would be nice if you could -Add notes to a project instead of just a day. -Archive a project…especially since you can’t print or export all the project data -Print or backup locally or at least export the data -The data is apparently stored on their servers and it would be nice to see a security/privacy statement on the developers website and I’m surprised that isn’t required by Apple before letting this app in the store. Update: I found the policy by looking at the mobile version. I’d give this a 5 star review if the developer would engage more and update the App with at least more than once a year.

Great App

I’m not sure about all the negative reviews. Most are a bit older. I use this on my MacBook Air, iPad and iPhone. It has seemless intagration, it’s intuitive easy and straight forward. I haven’t had to conact support and have never looked in the help files. It carries forward task from day to day until you check it off. Its easy to add items onto your calendar. Make notes. It does everything I need. One improvement I’d like to see is the notes shrunk to a creation date and title in a header and maybe a place to file them when I want to move them out of the diplay but not delete them. This would help clean it up.

Great App!

I love this app! I would have given a 5 star if I could view the tasks on my phone easier. I use this on my ipad and MacBook Pro. Love that everthing is in one spot.

Very Nice Planner

I really like this planner and that I can have tasks and events on the same calender unlike the iCalender on the Mac/iPhones. The tasks act as the reminders app on iPhones. I like that any events that are in my iCalender transfer to this planner. I wish that I did not have to pay for it twice (once on the iPhone/iPad and once for the Mac version). The bright side about paying for the Mac version is that you do not have to renew a subscription yearly unlike the iPhone version. I wish that the planner was customizable so that it can be class friendly. If you could organize everything so that you can color code the tasks and events that would be great! I wish that i could change the color schemes as well. If there was a dark theme that would be nice. I prefer dark themes because it reduces battery consumption.

Living my best life!

I’ve been using this app for a couple years now and currently running it on my iPhone X and iPad Pro. I recently got a MacBook Pro Touchbar and wanted to get this app on there as well to easily add tasks while I work. I’ve researched the internet, searched YouTube, and read all the reviews and NOT once did they specify that it can be synced with IPHONE, IPAD, AND MAC LAPTOP. I got tired of researching and said F it, took a chance and bought this app on my Mac for $24.99. IT’S ALL SYNCED!! Let’s be real, all the other calendars are not it and the money is well spent if it means helping you get your life in order on the daily. Glad I bought it, living my best life.

poor help services

I repurchased this app, but am unable to login. I have requested the password reset email a dozzen times, but it never arrives. Please advise

Sync Problems

I’ve been using this for a few months and have loved it. But the desktop version is suddenly having sync problems with my ipad and iphone versions. Suddenly tasks will duplicate themselves and show up twice, or things I’ve marked completed on my phone won’t show completed on the desktop (and vice versa). I paid for both the iPad/iphone version and the desktop version hoping I could have programs that would talk to each other, since I love this layout and organization better than other apps out there. But if they can’t sync correctly I’ll have to find something else.

Planner Pro

As a calendar only, this app would do. But, the description is highly misleading, and maybe outright dishonest. Very little integration with features is provided. With NO DIRECTIONS or HELP MENU to understand the app, learning is extremely difficult if not impossible. Yes, support did answer both emails I sent asking questions in about 24 hours; however, as I sit down for a fifth attempt to use Planner Pro, I’m faced with several more questions. Expecting a buyer to patiently wait days — probably would take weeks — to understand how this app works, is unrealistic. I am far from a novice and have learned dozens of apps over the years on my own. I see this as a scam, and the reasons I do so are numerous, but the first and foremost is that it its features are not integrated and confuses the word project with tasks. There is no useful way to lay out tasks, or steps, of a project; no way to connect notes to tasks. Further, I don’t see how an edit is even possible after an entry is made. One more reason: if you click above “If you need support, please visit Planner Pro…” located above the Review dialogue box, you’ll be directed to “Tiny Calendar.” Tiny calendar is exactly what this app is; no more, and when free calendars are everywhere, why buy this!? I will ask for a refund. Now, to figure out how to do that.

Love it

I use this on my iPhone and Mac and love it. I had a couple of issues and emailed help and they responded within 24 hours. I love that I can add notes to my day (former Franklin Covey paper planner addict) and that you can create projects. The ONLY downside is that you can’t print lists and would encourage the developer to add this feature. Super project!

Best Calendar Program for Mac

Not sure what’s up with the negative reviews, but I’ve had a great experience with this app. I’ve used (and paid for) the Pro version for two years now and haven’t thought about switiching in all thst time. Works mucvh better than the the Calendar program It syncs across all my devices easily and reliably.

My go to calendar for iPhone, iPad, and MacBook Pro

I have been using Planner pro (previously Planner Plus) for a number of years and for me it is the most reliable and functional that I have found. On the iPad and Iphone I do not believe it has ever crashed. I just loaded Planner Pro onto my Mac - I was a little concerned from reading some of the reviews - but I sure am glad I got it. The download was seamless and all my data from the other devices synced with no problem.

The 6 best things about this app

Why this app is great: 1. You can create tasks. 2. You can break out the tasks by project. 3. It shows your tasks on the calendar’s day tab. 4. Any incomplete tasks move to the next day automatically (you’ll never lose another task because it’s stuck on some day in history). 5. You don’t have to spend time on a task view, if you don’t want to, as tasks are shown in the calendar view. 6. This app syncs with my iPad, iPhone, Mac and Google calendars.

Needs a lot of improvement - UI not good

Overall the calendar works but it definitely needs a lot of improvement. Lots of little things like, when you add a new event, the edit screen doesn't automatically pop-up?! I would say that most people aren't just going to add the words new event. So in order to edit that event, I have to click off of the tab then click back onto it then click edit then… this is just a waste of time. As soon as I add a new event, it should automatically pop-up with all of the editing tools available. Also, setting timelines is asinine. I tried to add an event from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM and couldn't figure out why I wasn't able to change the time… after about a minute or so I realized I needed to change a.m. to PM first in order to set the time correctly. All of this should be free-flowing. Definitely not worth the $25.

Takes some time to set up, no printing, and no help file

It took me the better part of a day to get this to synchonize to the Cal data, basically requiring me to delete all previous calendars and starting over from scratch. There is no help file; instead, there is a link to email support. You cannot print a hard copy, so this is a screen-only calendar. Decent purported features, with schedule, task list, and notes, but badly implemented.

All-In-One NICE

I love having my claendar tak and notes all in one location. The only real downside to this app is I cannot send calendar invites, whicj I cannot understand why this isn't an option. That is an important feature also it seems to take a long time to sync between my phone and mac even though I paid for apps for both this why I gave this only 3 stars.

Printing ?

Does anyone know if you can print out a hard copy of the date appointments notes on the calender?


I have the app on both my iphone and my MacBook and while I don’t have trouble syncing tasks and notes, I can’t sync events — maybe I just am not using it correctly? Either way, super frustrating.

Great Calendar

I have been finding this calendar a joy to work with as it syncs with my iPad and iPhone perfectly. I love the “Note” feature especially, and the “Task” feature is superb!

Stopped syncing

I have iPhone/iPad/Mac desktop versions. Sept 1, they stopped syncing with the desktop. I’ve spent all day trying to figure it out without success but with a lot of frustration. i have emailed support and hopefully they will be able to help me fix it without losing too much information.

does things others don't

The ability to integrate notes, tasks and calanders in a cross device way (even to android) is something that I knew I wanted but found only here. Have had zero problems of any sort and have run for over a year.

wish i could rate it higher

The phone app is amazing. The $25.00 macbook app is a ripoff and I wish I could get my money back. I almost feel like its a scam. You cannot delete notes on the desktop app version, its basic at best and there is much better for FREE out there. I’ll be moving on simply because the desktop version is SO bad.

Good Product, Room for Improvement, One Glitch

This is the best Electronic Planner I have found to date, and Ive used quite a few. I use this application to manage my Class’, Work, Exercise, and the tasks i need to complete on a daily basis. Works on iMac, macPro, iPad, iPhone. 5$ a year to use on iPhone. However I purchased the subscription, and then cancelled the subscription it immediatly, so it will remain full featured too the end of the year. If you remember to hit the Update Button on each of your devices, calendar edits stay in sync. Glitch: In Week view, the time listed on the side in grey (Picture 3 of 5 above) does not match the time of created events (colorful blocks you create) In my personal opinion i find this very upsetting as the software costs $25 (at the time of my purchase and this writing) So in order to correctly see the gaps between events (in week view) you have to click on the next event and see what time it starts. Day View Works well, and conviently lists tasks of the day in the left column. Improvement Areas: i.e.: It’s not as seamless as a mac user is used too when creating an event. right click on the spot where an event is too be created (the generated time is hit or miss) Then name the event (it is auto set to your default calendar color, and default set event time (understandable, but annoying)) Hit Enter to accept the event Next, Right click on the even you just created Click “Get Info” The frame you would expect to see the first time opens up Now you can set the duration of the event, Color, date, etc.. This needs to be improved.. i.e. Adding a calendar. I will list the steps as many reviews say it cannot be done. And they are wrong. Common Misconception: Clicking the little Calander button at the top of the app (between update and add event) will alow you to add a new calander.. NO. this is wrong. To add a New Calander that does not previously exist: Open the Calendar app (Apples Calendar app that came default with your computer, NOT planner Pro app) In the Menu Bar (The thin bar at the top with the apple logo in it), click File, click new Calendar, Select ‘On My Mac' (or ‘iCloud' your choice) A new Blank Calendar will appear in the (Apple) Calendar app. Name it, Set the Color, etc. NOW, go to the Planner Pro app. NOW, click the little Calander button at the top of the app (between update and add event). Your new calendar(we just created in apples calendar app) will be listed here, and you can check the box next to it, and begin using it in Planner Pro. This needs to be improved.. Summary: Electronic Day Planners are not Paper Day Planners, hence the name. Give yourself an ample adjustment period and you will see this far surpass’ a Paper Planner in many ways. Overall, this is a good electronic calendar, despite the Glitch and Improvement areas listed. Many other Day Planning applications have many more problems than this one 3.5 Stars

I found negative reviews to be unsubstantiated

I was using another electronic planner and changed back to paper because I did not like the weekly layout. Then I found that the weekly layout for Planner Pro is much more user friendly. I like the notes on the monthly tab so that comments are easier to find. The app has never crashed, it syncs seamlessly between my MacBook and my iPhone 7, and have had no problems whatsoever. You just have to hit the refresh icon at the top of the page to update changes. I’m back to electronic now, thanks to Planner Pro. Finally, to those who don’t like the cost, remember that the one-time fee for the Mac version, and the nominal annual fee for the iPhone version is still significantly less than buying paper refills evey year. Thanks Planner Pro for a great app!


I have yet to post a review about an app, as i can personally realate to developers. However this needs to be acknowledged….. The developers of this expensive app are the worst I have seen. I downloaded this app and noticed after I paid $25 that I couldn’t add any calendars. When I e-mailed them, I was told that at that time the option to add a calendar was unavialable. I e-mailed them back and asked when i would have the option to personalize my planner and also stated that if the option was not available soon, I would like a refund. Well, 3 weeks latter, I would think they would have at least contacted me to update me but nothing!! I am disappointed with the lack of communication… and angry that I spent money on an app that now doesn’t work.

There are much better out there

Ive been using Planner Pro for about a year now. It looks great but it has a lot of bugs. The events dont sync to my phone so I can only use my computer. After adding to or rearranging the planner, 50% of the time it will crash and you will need to re-add your event or task. Today it erased all of my events from the calendar leaving only the tasks added. BACK UP YOUR SCHEDULES! Ive waited a year for the bugs to be fixed and update regularly but the program just gets worse. I do not recomend this.

Good but Could be better

The best thing about this app is the ability to group tasks into projects. Suggestions for improvement: 1) Instructions on how to use the app on ipad and mac 2) Ability to share projects/tasks with other apple users (perhaps via messenger) 3) Ability to add hyperlinks in tasks 4) Abiltity to modify a task on Mac (currently can modify on iPad but can only mark as complete or modify the name only on mac)

Just started using it

I can’t give it a 5 until I use it for a while but it is really nice, both in function and appearance. More later.

the all in one planner

its a modern day filofax and its super, I have this on my ipad and iphone and now have it on my Imac it really is the original and the best.

Planner Pro

I have this app on my iPhone and iPad and it works great. I paid the big money to get it in my Mac Book Pro and it crashes ALLOT!! I am Constantly reopening after it crashes. Would give it a 4 star rating if it did not crash all the time.

Nice App but...

I read that another reviewer has the same issues that I am having. The program works and looks great on the iPad but on my new MacBook Pro the top of the calendar is cut off. I hope that this will be fixed since the price of 25$ is quite a lot for something that is not working perfectly.

This app does not open or load correctly on a Mac;crashes, etc.

This app looked great and loads well on my husbands iPad, but unfortunately, it does not load fully (there are words cut off, bizarre symbols, and issues with it crashing(stop responding). I paid $25.00 for this app and have had issues since the first day I purchased it. Again, it looks great and wroks well for my husband on his ipad, so I would recommend it on the iPad-- but doesn’t do the job on my Mac laptop.

So far so good.

Everything seems to be working well. I’ll provide updates later on

I would love you if you’d please stop crashing

I really like how Planner Pro is designed and has the potential to work, but it keeps crashing on me.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use. Accurate. Integrates nicely with my MAC, iOs, and Windows apps.

will not stay logged in

This app doesn’t work. How do I get my money back?

Will not stay signed in

I use Google to connect to Planner Pro, and with the Mac version it will not stay signed in. When I open it, I sign in just fine, but a couple of seconds later is says that the log-in session has ended and freaks out and quits. Happens every single time this opens. Very annoyed I purchased this app, and I hope there’s a fix for it soon.

Good concept, if I could Stay logged in

I really like the concept of having the same app on my iPad and Mac that sync well and allow me to have tasks with Due dates associated with them. But both my Ipad and Mac keep saying that my seesion is timed out or invalid account and i constently have to re-log in. If this were to get fixed, then I would give it at leat 4 stars

Don’t waste money on this!

There’s no much difference between this app and the iCalendar. If you want to sync the iMac with your iPhone you need to pay an anual fee of $5! I would recommend not wasting money for this.

Simple and Elegant

I’m very happy with Planner Pro! It’s cheaper than the alternatives and far superior to the standard calendar app in OS X. I love the day view and the nice integration of tasks. My only gripe so far is that I wish I could see further into the future on the calendar. I can’t seem to see into the new year without maually editing each task that takes place after December 31.

Fix please

I have this app on iphone and ipad as well on iphone and ipad, the unfinished tasks move over to the next day and shows in red but on mac they do not:( five stars with the fix!

Simple, Organized, Versatile

This calendar, task manager, and note taking app has been awesome and effective so far! It took a little while to get all of my calendars in sync and fit just right for me, and now it’s been incredibly helpful utilizing between my macbook and iphone. Thanks!

This planner does everything I need

This planner does everything I need and is simple to use. Would recommend it to everyone.

No support for the Mac

I wound up using the calendar that is already in my Mac and have that to sync with my iPad and iPhone. So disappointing that there are no tutorials or guides for the Mac. No links to their website for info. I did go to their website and of course nothing for the Mac. If you were to go to the support tab and click on the iPad link, there is some guidance there. I’m deleting this after this review. Ultimately, there is no reason for this app as far as I can tell because I can easily do the repeating tasks, etc on the calendar. Maybe I’m missing something but shame on the developers to put this in iTunes saying it’s Mac friendly with no proper support.

No Calendar Sync

I logged in with my FB like I did on mobile, and it synced tasks which is nice but not calendars. Only being able to sync with my iOS calendar is not sufficient as it does not have my work events. Almost purchased subscription on mobile too but this will keep me from doing so. Get your act together Appxy and listen to your customers!

Needs to be able to add other calendars, e.i. outlook account, microsoft exchange, gmail etc..

The phone app is much more functional than the desktop version. Seems kind of backwards. The desk top version on ly syncs with the IOs calendar, whcih most busines people do not use as their main calendar….

keep getting must select a calendar on my macbook

trying to add events or anything to my calendar from my macbook pro, and all I get is the message that I must select a calendar first - however I can see no place to make a selection, not in any of the areas? any help would be appreciated

Don’t like it

Never figured it out and paid for the full version on phone -reminders never worked. Wasted money. Contacted for help and never heard anything

Pretty good, but some functionalities could be improved

This app is pretty good, I think. It syncs to your Mac Calendar app so all meetings/events are populated automatically. The layout is nice and familiar, just like the day planner you had in school. There is also an iPhone and Apple Watch app, so everything is shared across your devices. The functionality isn’t amazing; there are some things that could be easier and more intuitive. For the most part, though, I like this app

okay but cannot login by twitter

The app is free so not clear how they make money, or they are making money by collecting user data?

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